Meghan Flynn
Truth or Consequences (detail)Truth or ConsequencesMigration IMigration I (detail)It rained for ten days and the day I leftIt rained for ten days and the day I left (detail)Slug Bug No ReturnEleni-TactaInheritance#49Blank SpaceBancroftThe Tap LessonThe Tap Lesson (detail)My MomentMy Moment (detail)Do they Exist?Do they Exist? (detail)61 in '6161 in '61 (detail)
Blank Space
This body of work that examines the idea of memory through personal relics, heirlooms, and collections. My work illustrates narratives of death, isolation, fear, blessing, family, fragility, and preciousness. The negative space alludes to the intangible quality of memory, elevates the importance of the objects, and allows the viewer to complete the narrative.